Angie Smith - New American Voters 2020 { 22 images } Created 23 Nov 2020


Naturalized immigrants now comprise 1 in 10 eligible voters in the U.S. This shows a doubling of the immigrant electorate since 2000. ⁣

Created by the @npnewamericans, #newamericanvoters2020 is a national effort which targets and uplifts the diverse stories of the newly naturalized, especially in states where there are sizable populations of newly naturalized citizens and where their engagement in the electoral process could have a significant influence in election outcomes. ⁣

We were inspired by this national effort and wanted to contribute, so we created a Boise based campaign. We worked closely with 13 New Americans, mostly voting for the first time to create a series of posters, each with a unique message crafted by conversations between @angsmithers and the participant. This is the last poster featuring Amy, who is voting for the first time tomorrow.⁣

This week, we have hung posters in shop fronts and installed wheat pasted posters on building facades throughout Downtown Boise.⁣

We hosting several in person voting education events and we have a team of volunteers ready to provide transportation and advocacy on election day.⁣

This campaign was made possible by the vision, creative direction, photography and execution of @angsmithers. ⁣

Thank you @rashadrastam for the beautiful designs and helping to craft the art direction.⁣

Thank you to each project participant for collaborating with us. Thank you to @welcomingusa for your support and @npnewamericans for initiating this nationwide effort.
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