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Portland, Oregon-based artist David Carmack Lewis's mural "Absence and Presence" on the west side of The Fowler building in Boise, Idaho.

When they first asked him to come up with a design, he wasn’t sure what to do. They sent pictures of the homes that were originally on the property.

They told him that the houses had actually been moved to other parts of the city. It was important to him that the houses still existed. The idea of painting houses on the building If they had been destroyed - He doesn't think he could have done it. It would have been just too weird.

He went by the homes to look at them. He initially thought about having the actual houses on the wall floating but somehow it didn't appeal to him.

The idea that that popped into his head was to paint the sky around the houses and utilize the dark grey of the wall itself as a silhouette. He presented the concept and they really liked. He was really happy how the mural turned out.

Lewis started the mural on July 21, 2018 and finished it on August 15, 2018. The mural covers approximately 40 percent of the building closest to Myrtle Street, and works its exterior features like windows into a stylized depiction of the Boise Foothills against a partly cloudy sky.
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