Han Seok Hyun - Reverse-Rebirth { 118 images } Created 23 Jul 2018

MING Studios artist-in-residence, Han Seok Hyun, large scale, permanent sculpture, entitled Reverse-Rebirth at the Idaho Botanical Garden, Boise, Idaho. July 2018.

As an artist in residence at MING Studios, Han Seok Hyun has connected with the Boise community through gathering furniture and cast off wood pieces, which were used to build up his sculpture.

The work of Korean artist Han Seok Hyun addresses the dichotomy of ''artificial nature,'' calling attention to man’s handling of the natural world observable in contemporary urban environments. In Reverse-Rebirth, Han takes nature into his own hands. Reclaimed wood, discarded furniture, native plants, and locally foraged seeds compose the monumental tree-like sculpture that continuously evolves over time and throughout the seasons. The work reaches for a symbiosis with the given environment, while Han pushes the boundaries of a domesticated relationship with Mother Nature.
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