Novoa Dances - Anagnorisis { 129 images } Created 26 Jun 2021

The premiere of Anagnorisis, a live music and dance collaboration between musician/composer Sean Dahlman and dancer/choreographer Meaghan Novoa. June 25-26, 2021 at JUMP in Boise, Idaho.

Together with local musicians, contemporary dancers, and visual artists, Sean & Meaghan presented a heartfelt premiere concert that deep dived into their individual and collective realizations as young artists trying to make sense of a world wide disaster.

Anagnorisis: Original music performed and written by Sean Dahlman, Seth Graham, and Anthony Parry. Choreography by Meaghan Novoa in collaboration with dancers Gemze Cloudt, Caitlin Cullen, Lemuel Reagan, Annette Taylor, and rehearsal assistant Anna Adaska. Video art by Sean Dahlman. An original oil painting by Sean Ahern. Poetry by Davina Hart read by Michele L. Appel.

Anagnorisis: The point in a play or novel in which a principal character recognizes or discovers another character's true identity or the true nature of their own circumstances.
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